nb Ten Bob Note

Date: Wednesday 30th June 2010

Location: Northwich, Cheshire

Miles today: 14 -- Locks today: 9 -- Total miles: 3001  -- Total Locks: 1934

Carried on northward to Northwich, stopping off at Middlewich to pick up some shopping.

Another hot day, it wasn’t forecast.

Still debating our planned trip along the Leeds and Liverpool canal. We are worried that the canal will be closed due to water shortages while we are part way along it. We don’t particularly want to get stuck on the L&L for the rest of the summer!! Will phone British Waterways and make the decision when we get to the start of the L&L in a couple of days time.

Current mooring


Nags Head - we ate there last night - food not bad - they don't take credit cards!!

Nags Head

Big field of potatoes


The road is very close to the canal south of Middlewich


Middlewich salt mine


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