nb Ten Bob Note

Date: Tuesday 1st June 2010

Location: Stoke Hammond, Buckinghamshire

Miles today: 6 -- Locks today: 5 -- Total miles: 2826  -- Total Locks: 1829

Yet another grey and wet day, summer is definitely here.

Moved up to Leighton Buzzard and went for a wander around the town. The town has a good selection of shops and a big Tesco right on the side of the canal.

After lunch we pulled the pins again and headed on to Stoke Hammond. Lots of hire boats taking off from Wyvern Shipping at Linslade. It was after hiring nb Marigold from Wyvern four years ago that I became smitten with the boating bug.

Current mooring

Stoke Hammond

Globe Inn - Linslade

Globe Inn

Nb Marigold, first canal boat I was ever on


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