nb Ten Bob Note

Date: Monday 31st May 2010

Location: Linslade, Bedfordshire

Miles today: 6 -- Locks today: 9 -- Total miles: 2588  -- Total Locks: 1725

A bit of a cool and grey day today.

Cruised up to just south of Linslade today, sharing locks with nb Ted n Den, a Clifton Cruisers hire boat. The boat was being crewed by rugby fans returning from the match at Twickenham last weekend. They need to be back to Rugby by Friday so were ‘pushing on’. They are having to put in 14 hour days……

Was driven mad by the oil pressure low warning buzzer all day. The buzzer has started coming on at tick-over speed. I am hoping it is just the oil pressure sensor and nothing more serious. Will see if I can source a replacement sensor tomorrow in Linslade. Fingers crossed it’s not a failing oil pump!!!!

Current mooring


Nice canal side cottage at Marsworth


nb Blue Stone

nb Blue Stone

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