nb Ten Bob Note

Date: Wednesday 19th May 2010

Location: Paddington Basin

Miles today: 14 -- Locks today: 12 -- Total miles: 2531  -- Total Locks: 1661

A very busy day today by our standards. On the move for almost 8 hours today.

When we passed through Tottenham Hale on our way up the Lee, Archie was attacked by a dog while we were out for a walk along the tow path. Archie was on his lead as he always is – he can’t be trusted not to go off hunting if he were let off his lead. The dog that attacked Archie actually picked him up off the ground in it's mouth. The owner of the other two dogs didn’t seem bothered. Today, I saw the two dogs out with their owner again and saw them return to their house. A couple of photos below.

Current mooring




Indeed they do bite!!!!


Hertford Union canal

Hertford Union

Islington visitor moorings - always full


The Lee


Bottom Lock on the Hertford Union canal


Olympic Stadium - coming on well




St Pancras lock

St Pancras

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