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Date: Tuesday 18th May 2010

Location: Tottenham Hale

Miles today: 9 -- Locks today: 7 -- Total miles: 2517  -- Total Locks: 1649

Another fairly busy day by our standards. Another sunny day kept us on the move until we reached at Tottenham Hale.

Many times on the Lee and the Stort we arrive at a lock to find the gates open. This morning we met up with a group on a hire boat at one of the locks. They asked us if we leave lock gates open when we leave a lock, we replied that we don’t. They told us that their hire boat company told them that they should leave the gates open behind them and they found it a strange thing to do as they are used to closing behind them when on the canals. We are now not sure what the lock etiquette is on the Lee and the Stort but we are in the habit of closing the gates behind us and will continue to do so – also, it’s good exercise!!! One of the locks we passed through today actually had a sign up requesting that the lock be left with all gates closed.

Current mooring

Tottenham Hale

Sign at lock - requests that paddles and gates be left closed


A small group live under this bridge


Their bedding can be seen at the top of the photo


Goslings under her wing




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