Ten Bob Note


Thursday 7th May 2009

Location: Maidenhead, Berkshire, River Thames

Today: 8 miles, 3 locks. Total distance: 2139 miles.  Total locks: 1426

Pulled the pins around 11:30 and headed on down river.

Arrived at Marlow lock to find a small queue of boats and divers in the water. Apparently a piece of concrete had fallen into the water and was stopping the top gates from opening. It didn’t take them too long to clear the problem and we were soon on our way again.

Decided to moor up at Maidenhead so that we could pay a visit to the town for a look around. The town is less than a mile from the river and has a good assortment of shops.

Received an email from British Waterways, Limehouse lock is closing for three days starting next Monday and our river license runs out next Thursday so we now have a bit of a rush to reach Limehouse by Sunday evening. The tides on Sunday necessitate an 05:00 start so we will have to be up and off early. The silver lining is in the fact that the river down through central London will be fairly quiet by the time we arrive there so we shouldn’t have too many problems with swell caused by larger and faster vessels. It’s going to be a busy couple of days getting to Teddington lock for Saturday evening.

Current Mooring

Bisham Abbey

Castle house

Nice house

Maidenhead boy - statue at top of town

Marlow bridge

The river Thames .......

Someone's pride and joy

Trip boat at Maidenhead bridge

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