Ten Bob Note


Friday 8th May 2009

Location: Chertsey, Surrey, River Thames

Today: 18 miles, 7 locks. Total distance: 2165 miles.  Total locks: 1436

Pulled the pins at 06:45 and headed on down river.

Awake early today so got up and put in a few miles to ensure that we get to Teddington for Saturday evening so we can catch the tide at 05:00 on Sunday morning. Made good progress so moored up just after 13:00 at the 24 hour visitor moorings below Chertsey as moorings further on down stream are not all that great. Now only ten miles and three locks to Teddington.

So far, not one lock keeper has warned us that Limehouse lock is closing for repairs as of Sunday night, good job BW informed us yesterday via email.

Current Mooring - we've just had the grass cut

Windsor Castle, Nice house - shame it's right under Heathrow's flight path

Could do with a lick of paint

Some new curtains might brighten this one up a bit

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