Ten Bob Note


Wednesday 22nd April 2009

Location: Benson, Oxfordshire, River Thames

Today: 13 miles, 3 locks. Total distance: 2098 miles.  Total locks: 1410

Weather lovely again today, long may it continue.

Walked into Abingdon town to pick up some milk and other odds and ends before pulling the pins around 12:00 and setting off down stream.

After a very pleasant cruise, moored up on the weir side of Benson lock, the lock keeper telling us that it was OK to do so.

Found some indoor oil lamp oil in a shop in Abingdon that is advertised as being odourless. I will give it a try but the last batch of supposedly odourless oil I bought was far from it – it stinks!!!

The river is very quiet at the moment, probably passed no more than ten boats all day – lovely……

Current Mooring

Old Wilts & Berks canal bridge

Old entrance to Wilts & Berks canal - the canal ran all the way down to Melksham

Proposed site for the new Wilts & Berks canal

Nice old barge

Nice new barge

Nice riverside houses

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