Ten Bob Note


Friday 3rd April 2009

Location: Claydon, Oxfordshire, South Oxford Canal

Today: 4 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 2046 miles.  Total locks: 1373

Iain and Alison on the coal boat Gosty Hill caught up with us first thing this morning. Bought 5 bags of Stoveglow at £7.45 per bag and 90 litres of diesel at 61p per litre. Iain and Alison are doing one more run before they take their summer break.

Walked back into Fenny Compton to pick up a few odds and ends from the shop before pulling the pins around 14:00 and heading on down to Claydon top lock.

A pure blue sky day today – after the early morning mist burnt off. Hope this is a sign of the weather to come, very pleasant.

Current Mooring

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