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Wednesday 25th February 2009

Location: Braunston, Northamptonshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 0 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1983 miles.  Total locks: 1358

Another mild day.

I have started a new page as there are lots of photos which can be a problem to anyone accessing the site via a mobile phone connection – me included. Had I just added the new photos to the previous page, it would have become too big for comfortable download.

Went for a very pleasant walk with Archie this morning. Some photos below. We walked up the Braunston flight and along as far as we could get to Braunston tunnel. As is usual, the tow path near the tunnel is a mess, there always seems to be a lot of water draining off the fields along that section. The tunnel entrance is still partially blocked by the land slip that occurred quite some time ago now (well over a year). I have heard that it is going to cost an absolute fortune to remedy the problem. At the moment, narrowboats can get through (I have passed through a few times since the slippage) but I believe wide beams have to consult BW before attempting passage.

I was sad to see the Admiral Nelson pub no longer trading, a sign of the times I am afraid.

I treated myself to one of my favourite coffee cakes. It was the last one in the shop so I just had to have it!!!! Last time I bought one was way back on the 9th December.

Current Mooring

The Admiral Nelson - sadly, now closed

Ash Tree House - I am very fond of Ash Trees!!!!!

Ash Tree House - no sign of any Ash trees ????

It was the last one in the shop so I just had to buy it.

There must be at least 50 to 60 calories in there ???

Nice main street cottage

Their fish n chips are very good but their opening times aren't

Gongoozlers Rest floating cafe outside the Stop House.

Never eaten here but I hear it is very good

Old bakery

Looking down to bottom lock and old pump house

Tiny work boat

Braunston tunnel in the distance, tow path too bad to walk on

Note the big land slip at the entrance of the tunnel - it's going to cost a fortune to clear it and make good the cutting

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