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Tuesday 24th February 2009

Location: Braunston, Northamptonshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 7 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1983 miles.  Total locks: 1358

I arrived back to the boat from Melksham around mid day yesterday afternoon. Very pleased to be back onboard, houses are not for me anymore, I will stick to boats from now on I think.

Pulled the pins just before 08:00 this morning. Reversed back to the water points, filled the tank then headed off to Braunston. A very pleasant morning’s cruise. A bit on the grey side but very mild. It’s 16c outside as I write this (at 15:00) and I am sitting here with the side hatch open. Next week is officially the first week of spring.

UPDATE: Wednesday 25th

So when is the first day of spring? See http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/4767522.stm

I think I will retract my statement above and stick with the traditional date of 21st March - so, next week is NOT the first week of spring as far as I am concerned.......

I took a walk with Archie to visit the Midland Chandlers. The water filter on the kitchen sink cold tap hasn’t been changed in around 9 month so I broke the bank and bought a new one. £16.01 for a replacement filter cartridge, the last one I bought was £13.00. After fitting the new cartridge and running off some water, I had a drink and could see absolutely no difference in the taste to what it was with the old cartridge. I think when this one runs out, I will remove it but not bother with a new one, what’s the point if the water tastes fine without it???

As usual, Braunston is quite busy with lots of boats moored at the visitor moorings. I am glad that I moored out here on the puddle banks, much more peaceful.

Current Mooring

Napton bottom lock

Napton Marina

Napton hire boat fleet, all ready for the new season

Little ponies at Napton

Dutch Barge style narrowboat

New armco going in at Flecknoe

Some Jacks advising Archie that he is not welcome near their boat

Canal sign at Braunston junction

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