Ten Bob Note


Tuesday 17th February 2009

Location: Wormleighton, Warwickshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 4 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1967 miles.  Total locks: 1349

Waited for Iain and Alison on their coal boat Gosty Hill yesterday. It was gone mid day before they passed so I decided that it was a bit late in the day for moving on and would stay put for another night. Bought six bags of Stoveglow off them at £7.45 per bag, a very good price.

Pulled the pins and moved on today. Went looking for the Ash tree that I spied back in December. It was still there and is now on the roof. A bit of work to do now, cutting and chopping it all up.

After collecting the tree, I moved on and moored up in a lovely spot near Wormleighton. It’s a nice secluded spot for chopping logs……

There have been quite a lot of boats passing over the last few days, school holidays bringing everybody out I suspect, nice that they are getting good weather for their cruising, it has been lovely and mild this last couple of days, spring on the way ??

Wednesday 18th
A busy morning cutting and chopping. Worth it though, the roof now has a good stock pile of Ash logs on it, should last a good six weeks or so, depending on the weather. It took just over three hours cutting and chopping to get through all the wood, hard work. It will keep Archie in the warmth that he is accustomed to…….

It has been a dull and misty day so far which is a shame for those out and about on their holidays. Having said that, I have only seen 4 boats on the move so far today, it was much busier yesterday and Monday.

Current Mooring

Views to Wormleighton

Bits of tree


And now we have logs.....

And a clean tow path - the bits of wood to the left are the rotten bits that I will burn today

Update Wednesday PM

I walked Archie up to the village of Wormleighton, some photos below. It started raining just as I arrived at the village so got a bit damp on the way back as I didn’t take a coat with me. Strange weather today, it doesn’t quite know what to do.

Find Ten Bob Note in this photo looking down from Wormleighton

Some photos of Wormleighton village

Sign reads: STOP Pool to be fished by people living in the village only

The pond in question

That lot would heat a boat for a good while!!!

The base is probably over 4 feet across

No UPVc double glazing here

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