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Saturday 14th February 2009

Location: Claydon, Oxfordshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 5 miles, 9 locks. Total distance: 1963 miles.  Total locks: 1349

Woke up to a lovely crisp frosty morning so decided to make the most of the fine weather and move on a bit.

More ice on the canal this morning, it is getting to be the norm these days. Was breaking ice all the way to Claydon.

Stopped off in Cropredy to chat with Graham and Jane on nb Alnwick, always nice to chat with them.

Stopped for water at the Cropredy services and was soon joined by Alan and Frances on nb Lazy Days stopping for a pump out – more chatting while the water tank filled.

Headed on northward and met Iain of the coal boat Gosty Hill. Iain was out walking his Jack Russell Boson. Iain kindly helped me with the locks as I ascended the Claydon flight. It’s a lovely stretch of canal from Cropredy up to Claydon, I always enjoy the lovely countryside that the canal passes through.

I have arranged to meet Iain on Monday morning to buy some coal off him as he passes on his way north. He is currently selling Stoveglow for £7.40 per 25kg bag, £2.0 less than I paid Mark on nb Dusty for the same coal last week. I will stock up I think - although, I need to keep some space free on the roof for logs, just in case my Ash tree is still where I found it on my way south after Xmas.

Moored up in a lovely spot about a mile north of Claydon top lock. Was just hammering in the pins when nb Lazy Days passed by, they are also heading north before returning south down the Grand Union when it opens again after the winter stoppages.

Current Mooring

Lots of lambs about now, very cold for them

Breaking ice again today - it's seems the norm now

Lots of fields still flooded around Cropredy

Start of Cropredy long term moorings - lots of stationary boats

Start of Claydon locks - a lovely flight in open countryside

Ethel Rose - a very interesting conversion - two wind powered generators as well

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