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Thursday 12th February 2009

Location: Cropredy, Oxfordshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 5 miles, 4 locks. Total distance: 1958 miles.  Total locks: 1340

A bit of a busy day today.

Pulled the pins around 09:00 and headed towards Banbury. Stopped off at the services to dump rubbish and to fill up with water, the water tank was very low and frozen over.

Moved up through the lock and stopped off at Sovereign marina to pick up a bottle of gas. Sovereign are selling diesel at 60p per litre at the moment.

Moored up opposite Sovereign and walked up to Tesco with Archie. I thought I would stock up with a few odds and ends before leaving the area as it is quite some distance to the next supermarket (Rugby or Daventry).

On return from Tesco, I had a quick cup of coffee then headed on northward. Eventually moored up about a mile south of Cropredy just above Slat Mill lock.

Met Alan and Frances off nb Lazy Days just as I was pulling in to moor up. They were out for a bit of a walk along the tow path. Lazy Days is currently moored at Cropredy.

I may stay on here for a day or so as I need to fire up the washing machine to do a wash and now is a good time while I have a full tank of water and can re-fill the tank at Cropredy again when I move on.

Looks like I just got moored up in time, it has started to snow, quite heavy as well. It wasn't forecast - that I know of.

Current Mooring

Ice - again......

nb Dusty filling up with diesel from the red tanker

Banbury services

Don’t need a survey to figure out that boaters obviously prefer red wine!!!

Weir struggling to cope with the flow

Still a lot of snow around

Need to watch your head here!!

A small herd of Gooses......

Yes, I know, it's a 'gaggle of Geese', it was just my attempt at humor !!!!

I know that a ‘herd’ is the word used to describe a number of fish swimming together!!!!

I am not totally stupid…..

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