Ten Bob Note


Monday 24th November 2008

Location: Stockton, Warwickshire, Grand Union Canal

Today: 3 miles, 10 locks. Total distance: 1875 miles.  Total locks: 1301

Woke up to rain rattling off the roof. Checked the weather forecast on the web and it looked like the rain would clear away so decided to move on toward Braunston direction.

The rain stopped so I pulled the pins around 09:00 and headed up through the Long Itchington locks.

I stopped off at the water point near the bottom of the Stockton flight to top up the tank. There was a boat moored up such that it was partially blocking access to the water point mooring area. I ended up reversing back such that my stern was touching his bow so that I could get to the tap. The guy was peaking out through his curtains but never came out to say anything, he must have known that he was in the wrong. Some people can be so inconsiderate, there really is no excuse for it at this time of year when moorings are plentiful.

After filling up with water, I headed up the Stockton flight. As I have said many times before, the Stockton flight is one of my favorite set of locks on the system, the countryside and peace and quite is a joy and the locks are in a good state of repair.

Finally moored up a mile or so south east of the Stockton flight. Minutes after mooring, a big black cloud came over and dumped hail, sleet and heavy rain on the boat – I just got moored in time.

I passed nb The Teal close to the top of the flight, they shouted over that they follow these ramblings of mine and they had been wondering how long it would be before our paths crossed – it was nice to meet you both.

Current Mooring

There is a good 100 yards of Armco moorings behind and a good 400 yards of Armco in front and yet this green boat decided to moor right up behind me on Saturday morning. It was still there when I left this morning. I just can't understand why some folk feel that they have to moor so close - especially at this time of year when there is no shortage of mooring spaces available – there’s nout so strange as folk – as they say!! They were pleasant people – just wanted to be close to another boat I guess??? Just wish they had found a different boat to get close too.....

They could at least have left a boat's length or so between us, look at all the free space ......

Bottom of Stockton flight. I have said it before, this is a lovely flight of locks

A few more to go through yet !!

Leaving Stockton top

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