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Wednesday 19th November 2008

Location: Long Itchington, Grand Union Canal

Today: 2 miles, 5 locks. Total distance: 1872 miles.  Total locks: 1291

Up early as it was such a lovely morning and I was wanting to move on to Long Itchington to visit the Co-Op to buy some bread.

Pulled the pins just before 08:00 and headed up through the locks.

I arrived at Bascote Bottom lock to find the pound almost drained (a pound is the name given to the stretch of water between two locks). Someone had left one of the paddles slightly up and the water had drained out over night. It took the best part of an hour to re-fill the pound by opening the paddles on the three locks above the drained pound. Good exercise first thing in the morning!!

I passed nb Joie de Vive (good name) half way through the locks. I have seen Joie de Vive around Braunston quite a few times in the past. The lady owner (she is travelling single handed too) told me she had a winter mooring in Braunston last year so that is why I have seen it around so often.

A BW van pulled up just as I was mooring up to shut the gate on the top lock. The lady driver got out and kindly shut the gate for me. I found the slogan on the side of her van very apt after all of my running about to re-fill the pound this morning – it refers to the waterways as ‘an open air gym’, I can certainly vouch for that!!

After mooring up, I took the dogs for a two mile round trip walk to the Co-Op in the village to pick up a loaf of bread – I think that will do me for exercise for today…..

Friday 21st
A busy morning this morning. The weather forecast for the next few days in not looking too good so I thought I would take advantage of the nice weather today to cut up the wood. Three hours later and it is now all logged and back on the roof (some photos below). There is a lovely smell of Ash throughout the boat as the aroma from the freshly cut logs is wafting in through the roof vents.

While chopping up the wood, I was pondering just how much energy has gone into it all. Firstly finding the tree, cutting it into manageable lengths, carrying it to the boat and lifting it up on to the roof, lifting it off the roof again, cutting it into rings, splitting the rings with a big axe, lifting the logs back onto the roof then finally, lifting the logs back off the roof to burn them……Must be a few calories burnt in that lot!!

I had to move a lot of the wood to the rear of the boat yesterday morning as with all of the weight being up front, the drain holes for the gas locker were a couple of inches under the water – not good. I have distributed all of the logs so that with a full tank of water (it’s full at the moment), the gas locker drain holes are a few inches above the water line.

Current Mooring

Leaving the lovely mooring spot behind (early morning light)

I can certainly agree with their slogan......

Welsh Road lock and cottage

Well, I am not going to get far through that !!!

A little bit low on water

Bascote Staircase locks

Bascot Locks Toll House

View from the window this evening

Needs a bit of work doing to it !!!


All sliced up

Rear pile

Front pile

Top Path all cleaned up again

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