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Monday 3rd November 2008

Location: Braunston, Northamptonshire, Grand Union Canal

Today: 1 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1846 miles.  Total locks: 1258

Well, we had a lovely peaceful weekend moored about a mile north of Braunston. I think that in the four nights that we were there, only 3 people passed the boat on foot. Archie and Mabel had almost nothing to bark at.

Pulled the pins around 08:00 and moved the short distance down into Braunston to fill up with water.

After leaving the water point, we noticed a good mooring spot just by the junction of the Grand Union and Oxford canals. We had decided that if we found a nice mooring spot, we would moor up for the day and get the bus into Daventry for a bit of a wander around. Even at this time of year, sometimes it is difficult to find a good mooring spot in Braunston – we were lucky this morning. The tow path is like a bog in many places after the rain over the weekend. The mud wouldn’t be such a problem if it wasn’t for the dogs. The spot where we are moored has a good clean and solid stretch of tow path beside it.

Well, we are off into Daventry in a moment to see if we can find some re-chargable batteries for the speakers that are connected to the MP3 player. Ordinary batteries only last about six months so re-chargables will work out cheaper in the long run.


Went to Daventry and had a wander around the shops, no re-chargable batteries of the type I wanted to be had. Will probably have to order them from the web and have them delivered to Cornwall.

Going out for a meal at the Old Plough tonight. It will be interesting to see if the food is better tonight than it was the last time we visited a month ago. We have eaten there many times and always found it very good. Hopefully our last visit there was just an off night??

Tuesday 4th
Well, we went out for a meal at The Old Plough last night and very good it was too, back to their normal high standards. It just goes to show that it is unfair to rate a place on a single visit.

We were going to head off towards Warwick this morning but as the weather was a bit on the miserable side, we decided to stay on here for the day and do the washing etc.

Was sitting here at the computer when there was a tap on the window and Ann and Molly off nb MOORE 2 LIFE appeared. What a very pleasant surprise to see them. We were chatting away, catching up on the events of this past summer. We happened to ask Ann if she had seen anything of Bob or Lynn off nb Moriarty as they moor here in Braunston the answer was no. A couple of minutes later, who should turn up at the window – Bob off nb Moriarty. More chatting and catching up took place, a very pleasant morning.

Bought a chocolate cake up the village this morning. They are baked by a local bakery. We have tried the coffee version before (lovely) but this is the first time that we have managed to get hold of the chocolate flavor. Looking forward to trying it at lunch time. Will have to go and find a flight of locks to work it off!!

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