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Thursday 30th October 2008

Location: Braunston, Northamptonshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 5 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1845 miles.  Total locks: 1258

Iain and Alison on nb Gosty Hill came past us yesterday afternoon and we filled up with diesel (106 litres at 70p per litre) and bought another 4 bags of Stoveglow coal. The diesel has dropped in price by 7p per litre over the last month but the coal has gone up from £6.65 to £7.25. We helped them down through the locks and said goodbye to them until the next time. A very pleasant and helpful couple they are, it’s a pleasure to do business with them.

After seeing Gosty Hill down through the locks we returned to find the boat leaning over at quite an alarming angle. The level in the pound had dropped by almost a foot and as the boat had gone down, the side had caught on something under the water that had caused the boat to tip. We pulled the pins, got the boat off the obstruction under the water and moved up through the lock and out of the pound. We moored up again about a half mile further on but still within close walking distance of the Indian restaurant.

We went out for a meal at the Hillmorton Indian (Exotic Bengal) last night and it was OK. Not great, just OK. Everything seemed to be very sweet. It is a lovely clean restaurant and we would give them another try in the future just in case the chef was having an off night.

Another cold night but no frost.

Walked into Hillmorton village to pick up the papers this morning before pulling the pins around 08:00 and heading on down to Braunston. We moored up about a mile north of Braunston in a nice spot and we will probably stay here until Monday – or a bit longer if the weather turns bad. The Armco is fenced off both in front and behind us so we shouldn’t have any neighbors turning up to be subjected to the noise of our generator tomorrow evening. We tend to run the generator on Friday and Saturday evenings as the washing machine is generally on while we watch DVDs/TV and sup the odd glass (or 4) of vino.

Current Mooring

The Barby Straight - wonder why they called it that ??

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