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Monday 22nd September 2008

Location: Wood End Lock, Staffordshire, Trent and Mersey Canal

Today: 8 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1732 miles.  Total locks: 1221

We went out for a meal at the Shimla Palace Indian restaurant last night, excellent as it was the last time we ate there the last time we passed by.

Pulled the pins around 08:30 and headed down to Rugely. We didn’t want to arrive too early as we would only have to wait for the shops to open.

Spent a couple of hours pottering around the shops and just as we were leaving Morison’s supermarket, the rain came on. We had lunch on the boat while we waited for the rain to pass.

I have been amazed at just how many boats there are out and about at the moment, far more than there were back at the beginning of August when we passed this way last.

The rain cleared around 13:30 and we headed off again towards Fradley. We had intended to drop down through Wood End Lock and moor up for the night so that we would miss all of the traffic at Fradley Junction by setting off early tomorrow morning. As we approached Wood End Lock we could see a queue of around five boats so we decided to reverse back a bit and moor up in the weeds for the evening. Weather permitting; we will head off through the locks early tomorrow morning before the rush starts. I suspect that the other half dozen boats moored close by have the same idea.

Current Mooring

nb Craigavon - I was married in Craigavon and lived their for a couple of years - many moons ago now

Misty mornings

Spot the cruiser in the weeds - has been there for a while now

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