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Friday 6th June 2008

Location: Aynho, Northamptonshire, Oxford canal

Today: 10 miles, 6 locks. Total distance: 1433 miles.  Total locks: 983

Well, we braved the overgrown tow path and went for a meal in The Rock of Gibraltar pub yesterday evening. Well worth it, the pub is nice and the food is good and at reasonable prices. Will stop there again next time we pass this way.

Going to have a moan now. There has been no tow path to speak of for the last ten miles or so. It is so badly over grown that you can not walk on it in most places. In many parts the grass/weeds are 3 feet high. Even some of the locks are badly overgrown (photo below). We were talking to one lady that told us that she has been hearing lots of complaints from folks on holiday that can’t even get off their boats to walk their dogs or to let their children have a bit of exercise. It’s bad enough for us paying our license fees and having to put up with not being able to use the tow path but it must be even worse if you have paid many hundreds of pounds to hire a boat for a holiday and are not able to use the paths.

We are moored about half a mile south of Aynho wharf and we struggled to walk the dogs to the wharf through waist high weeds this afternoon. We are going to get soaked from the wet grass when we walk to the wharf shop to pick up the papers in the morning.

Current Mooring - a bit overgrown - again!! I have cleared a section of tow path beside the boat with our garden shears

Enslow mooring spot where we stayed last night. Good moorings - just totaly overgrown. You can see where we had to cut the growth back to moor.

Just some of the flooding we passed along the way today.

The tow path is the strip in the middle

See if you can spot the tow path. You certainly can't walk on it!!

I guess they will cut the grass after someone has an accident ???

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