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Tuesday 15th April 2008

Location: Claverton, Sumerset, Kennet & Avon Canal

Today: 6 miles, 1 locks. Total distance: 1309 miles.  Total locks: 867

We had lots of entertainment yesterday afternoon. It was change over day at the local holiday boat companies and there were lots of boats arriving at the lock at about the same time. Some of the crews had never been on a canal boat before and were struggling. Even though it was amusing at times, it was also quite frightening. There was one boat, a trad stern boat that had managed to get the stern into the side, attached a stern rope securely to a mooring ring and then lost control of the boat. They slammed the engine into full power reverse and as the boat came to the end of the rope and tipped over slightly, the lady at the controls nearly fell into the water with the engine still in full reverse. Had she fallen in, she would have been sucked into the prop and the chances of survival would have been slim. Someone was killed only last year by falling overboard and getting sucked into the prop as the engine was in reverse. The holiday boating companies should provide a bit more tuition before letting first timers loose on the canals.

We pulled the pins at around 08:30 this morning and continued towards Bath. Once again, progress was slow due to miles and miles of moored boats – some occupied and some just moored up. As I mentioned yesterday, I don’t think I have seen so many moored boats on any other stretches of canals that we have been on.

We passed lots of dead and fallen trees today but we couldn’t get to any of them due to lack of water depth – we will keep looking though as our log supply is all but gone.

We passed through beautiful countryside today, this canal really is well worth a visit.

Time is running out for us as we have to be back at Devizes next Wednesday to leave the boat in the marina while we travel to Cornwall for a few weeks. We will have to see Bath in a bit of a rush which is not something we are used to doing.

Current Mooring

Wall to Wall moored boats makes progress slow!!

Lovely canal side cottage

Duck ramp - there are loads of them

Lovely stretch of canal

Tent Boat

Spot the tree house

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