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Monday 14th April 2008

Location: Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, Kennet & Avon Canal

Today: 5 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1303 miles.  Total locks: 866

Time to move on and top up with water again. We passed a boat just west of Melksham with a novel answer to the problems of running out of water quickly – photo below.

Pulled the pins around 07:30 on a lovely sunny morning.

Travelled westward and moored up at Bradford on Avon 24 hour moorings just beside the water point and facilities. Filled the water tank then walked the short distance back to Sainsbury’s to do some shopping.

The sun was shining when we entered Sainsbury’s. Half an hour later as we were about to leave, the heavens opened and it poured down.

The journey between Melksham and Bradford on Avon was a slow one due to the number of moored boats along the way. We haven’t seen so many boats moored in big long lines for a long time.

We tried to stop to pick up the dead tree that we found near Melksham but the closest we could get the boat into the side was about 4 feet due to lack of depth – shame as it was a lovely length of wood. We are down to about 3 days worth of logs now – good job we are well stocked up with coal.

I had an email from a guy called Andrew in Australia to ask if all was well with this web site. Andrew has been seeing the notices advising of new content but has been unable to see any new content on the site since April 6th. I have no idea what the problem can be as I am pretty sure that the site is up and running OK. The site is hosted with 1and1 and I have always found their hosting services to be very reliable.

UPDATE - Monday PM:

We walked into the town with the dogs. A very interesting place. Some lovely old buildings. Photos below.

Current Mooring

Secondary water tank - there is a hose down to the main water tank

Various photos taken in Bradford on Avon town

The side of the Swan Hotel - contrast increased

Family and Commercial

Good Accommodation

Cyclists & Motorists

The Dandy Lion pub


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