Ten Bob Note


Thursday 3rd April 2008

Location: Wooton Rivers, Wiltshire, Kennet & Avon Canal

Today: 5 miles, 11 locks. Total distance: 1275 miles.  Total locks: 828

Pulled the pins around 08:00 and continued west.

Passed through beautiful countryside all the way.

Very mild today, warm enough with just a t-shirt and fleece on – even at 08:00.

Many of the locks have seen better days and are in need of some TLC – see photos below.

Current Mooring

Must be very dark inside - tiny port holes

Interesting boat - the red one - see next photo

Looks like some form of hydraulic drive

Worst water point mooring we have come across so far - Crofton


Morer water coming 'through' the gate than through the paddles. The gate looks as if it is just about to fall apart!!

No need to open the paddles to fill this lock!!

Wootton Rivers lock bottom gate

Wootton Rivers lock top gate

Wootton Rivers church

Wootton Rivers - Church clock face

Wootton Rivers - Clock Cottage

Wootton Rivers - Cottage

Wootton Rivers - Royal Oak pub

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