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Tuesday 1st April 2008

Location: Froxfield, Wiltshire, Kennet & Avon Canal

Today: 3 miles, 5 locks. Total distance: 1267 miles.  Total locks: 812

We went out for a meal last night at the Moonlight Indian restaurant in Hungerford. Lovely food at reasonable prices. Would eat there again.

We walked the short distance to Hungerford town centre this morning to do a bit of shopping before leaving for pastures new. There is a Co-Op and a good sized Sumerfield’s supermarket  in the town. We also picked up some Hungerford sausages from the local butcher. We have eaten the Newbury sausages and very good they were to.

We decided to moor up near Froxfield as we found a nice spot between the locks. The mooring is within 50 feet of the main railway line between Paddington and the West Country. After a few trains had passed by, we decided it was a bit noisy for our liking so we got on the phone to National Rail to complain. The guy that we spoke to was very pleasant and understood our desire for some peace and quiet during our short stay here. He kindly agreed to suspend all traffic on the line for a period of 24 hours so that we could have a nice peaceful time at our mooring. Apparently, they are now stopping the trains back at Hungerford and are bussing the passengers to Great Bedwyn where they can pick up other trains to continue their journey – thus stopping any noisy trains passing by our moorings. We would like to thank Rilpa Lofo at Network Rail for being so helpful and understanding.

Update: We walked with the dogs up to the village of Froxfield to have a look at the hospital built in 1694. It is built in the form of a quadrangle and is now converted to 49 pensioners cottages. There is a small church in the centre of the quadrangle.

On returning to the boat, we met a 70 foot Reading Marine holiday boat coming up through the lock. They told us that they (there were about 8 people on board, mostly in their 50s) had tried to turn the boat at the last winding hole but had given up. It turns out that no one had shown them how to turn the boat around. I offered to turn it for them as there is a winding hole just above the lock in front of us and they were quite worried as to how they were going to get turned around. They were more than pleased at the offer. Chatting to them, they are very disappointed in their holiday which is a great shame. They didn’t realise just how many locks and swing bridges they had to take the boat through – the K&A can be hard work and if you are on a 70’ boat and this is your first time out on a canal boat, it must be quite a challenge. I turned the boat for them and left them at the lock pointing back towards Hungerford. I hope they have a more pleasant journey back than they had out.

Current mooring

Hospital built in 1694

The hospital has been converted to 49 pensioner's homes

The Hospital

Hospital church in the quadrangle

Froxfield church

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