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Wednesday 24th October 2007

Location: Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, Grand Union

Today: 2 miles, 3 locks. Total distance: 840 miles.  Total locks: 527

Cold grey day. Good t-mobile 3g reception here.

Went out for a meal at the Coy Carp pub last night. It turned out to have the same menu as The Tame Otter we ate at in Hopwas.

Must be part of the same chain. The meal at the Tame Otter was awful. I had the gammon steak, all in all, it was very good.

Went for a walk with the dogs this morning to try and find a local paper shop. We didn’t manage to find one.

Pulled the pins just after 10:00 and headed to Rickmansworth to get the papers from the Tesco store that is right on the side of the canal. Decided to stay on here for the night as the moorings are quite good.

Current mooring

Moored just south of Rickmansworth

Difficult to monitor I suspect!!!


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