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Tuesday 23rd October 2007

Location: Harefield, Middlesex, Grand Union

Today: 8 miles, 5 locks. Total distance: 838 miles.  Total locks: 524

Cold but lovely crisp day. Good t-mobile 3g reception here.

Up early this morning – very cold outside, ice on the boat for the first time this year.

Pulled the pins around 08:00 and continued north up the GU.

As it was so cold and Mabel was shivering (she feels the cold as she is constantly on drugs for her allergies) we put her new coat on. She won’t walk with it on but at least it stops her shivering when she is sitting on her chair on the deck.

Passed a few working barges today, they were all transporting aggregates. All were polite and slowed down as we passed.

Arrived Harefield around 12:30 and as it looks like such a nice place and the weather is lovely, we decided to call it a day and moor up for the night. Some lovely countryside from Uxbridge northwards.

All photos now taken with my new toy - the Canon G9.

Current mooring

Mabel with her new coat on - she will not walk in it!!

A working barge - passed a few today

Working barge

Strange boat - converted to paddle power!!

Xerox - an old employer of mine - would much rather be on the boat!!

Just south of Harefield - lovely countryside


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