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Friday 28th September 2007

Location: Oxford, Oxfordshire, Oxford canal

Today: 6 miles, 4 locks. Total distance: 607 miles.  Total locks: 440

Cold and grey. Good t-mobile 3g reception here

Pulled the pins around 08:00 and headed on down to Oxford.
The canal real changes from Thrupp on south. North of Thrupp the canal passes mostly through lovely peaceful countryside. From Thrupp on down to Oxford is mostly built up housing.

We had just moored up at Oxford when the rain started and it rained on and off for most of the rest of the day.

We had intended to moor up in the Oxford basin but when we arrived we found out that almost all of the basin is taken up by long term moorings. We also found out that there is nowhere to turn around in the basin so if we had gone down there we would have had to reverse back out.

The winding hole at the top of Isis lock is only capable of holding a 50’ boat but it would be possible to drop down through the lock and turn on the Thames then come back up through the lock.

We had a bit of a walk around Oxford but it was none too pleasant in the rain. Oxford has become a mini London, very busy and quite a few Big Issue sellers. There was a guy outside Sainsburys selling the BI. He was telling the passers by how he needed to sell just another four magazines in order to get enough money to take his dog to the vet. No matter how many issues he sold while I was standing there – and he sold a few, the story line never changed – he still needed to sell four in order to raise enough money for the vet!!

We passed Maffi’s boat Milly M. Maffi’s blog is at: http://narrowboater.blogspot.com/
Moored in front of Maffi is nb Bones, blog at: http://www.mortimerbones.blogspot.com/


Saturday 29th

Walked the dogs along the tow path this morning and met Maffi just as he had moved off for to go for water.

Went into Oxford and took one of the tour bus trips around the city. The tour is well worth taking as they pass all of the famous places and explain the history. A very enjoyable tour and the rain held off.

Had lunch out and wandered around the city for a while then returned to the boat tired after all of the walking etc. Maffi dropped by around 14:00 but I was asleep at the time, will wander back along the tow path later with the dogs to say hello if he is around Milly M.

Some photos of Oxford can be seen HERE.

Current mooring

Isis Lock drops down to the Thames

Maffi's boat, Bones's boat is infront of it

nb Six Pence


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