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Tuesday 11th September 2007

Location: Adderbury, Oxfordshire, Oxford canal

Today: 3 miles, 2 locks. Total distance: 554 miles.  Total locks: 408

Mild, sunny spells. Good t-mobile 3g reception here

Walked to Tesco to do some shopping. Apparently, the Banbury Tesco is in the top ten largest Tesco branches in the UK, it is certainly a large one.

Did a fairly large shop and bought a large fold-away holdall type bag on wheels for £9.99 to transport the shopping the half mile or so back to the boat. By the time we got back to the boat, the bag was a bit worse for ware as it had been sagging at the rear and scraping the ground. A bit of a waste of £9.99 but there you go. May look out for a more robust version as the concept was a good one, just that the product was junk – what should we have expected for that price?? Anyone want to be a holdall on wheels with a hole in it? One very careful owner, only used the once!!!!

After loading the shopping onto the boat and having a quick coffee, we moved the boat across the canal to Sovereign Wharf to take on diesel and see if they would swap the 6kg Calor gas bottle for a 13kg one. The guy serving could not have been more helpful. He swapped the bottles over and confirmed that there was no problem with Calor in doing so. So much for Fenney Compton marina and them telling us that they couldn’t make the swap because it was against Calor policy……

We took on 60 litres of diesel at £0.49 per litre – a good price.

Passed through Banbury on the way south. Took some photos of the stretch of canal that goes through the town as it has been nicely renovated but I had left the memory stick plugged into the computer so although the camera went through the motions of taking the photos, nothing was recorded.

Took on water at Banbury and dumped rubbish. There are two water points, one each side of the locks. Only one water point is shown in the guide books.

Moored up at a nice spot to the east of Adderbury. Will probably walk the dogs the mile and a half into Kings Sutton tomorrow for a look around.

The weather has been lovely all day today. Will be firing up the BBQ shortly and will partake of a glass of wine or two in celebration of the gas bottle being exchanged!!

UPDATE Wednesday:

Walked with the dogs into Kings Sutton. It's a lovely village with a post office and a Co-Op stores. Wish I had taken my camera. Total round trip distance was just over 3 miles. Well worth a visit.

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