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Saturday 1st September 2007

Location: Rugby, Warwickshire

Today: 6 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 516 miles.  Total locks: 382

Warm, overcast. Good t-mobile 3g reception here.

Headed down to Rugby and moored up at the moorings close to Tesco, we moored in the last space available.

Did a large shop at Tesco and wandered around the other stores close by. Bought a couple of large plastic boxes from Homebase to store coal in as it was a bit untidy having bags of coal stored on the stern deck.

After shopping we moved a mile and a half further south and moored up at a nice spot beside the golf course. We moored in the same spot one night last Xmas.

Walked with the dogs back to Tesco to get the papers and a few odds and ends. Called into Homebase and picked up a couple of smaller plastic storage boxes for the coal on the roof. The roof looks a bit tidier now that the bags of coal are in boxes, it will also keep the coal dry and the roof cleaner. A piece broke off one of the new boxes as I lifted it into place – looks like they are not strong enough to be lifted with 50kg of coal inside!!! The broken box is still usable but it may leak in heavy rain.

Staying on at this spot for another night as today is wash day today.


Current mooring

Steam boat Laplander out of the water


Archie and Mabel trying to stay awake

New boxes to store the coal in

New roof boxes for coal storage


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