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Saturday 28th July 2007

Location: Wheelock, Cheshire

Today: 7 miles, 7 lock. Total distance: 308 miles.  Total locks: 267

Warm with sunny spells in the morning, clouding over in the afternoon.

Moved on at around 09:30, heading for the Trent and Mersey and onward south.

Were a bit late moving off as Archie decided to go hunting in the fields just as I was pulling the pins. He disappeared for half an hour. He came back looking very happy with himself.

Fired up the BBQ last night and cooked the steaks we bought from the lovely butcher in Alrewas. They were as good as expected. Next time we are passing that way, we will certainly pay the butcher another visit.

We stopped off at Middlewich on the way past to take on water and to have a look around the town. It’s a nice little town with everything you could want available there.

Sunday 29th

Lit the BBQ again last night and cooked another nice meal on it. It’s nice to have a bit of dry weather to be able to use it.

Walked the dogs the mile or so into the village of Wheelock to get the papers. A pleasant walk but cool for the time of year.

We are moored in a nice spot so decided to spend another night here. Cleaned out the engine bay and vacuumed all of the water out of it. Must have removed 10 gallons or more. The water is from the heavy rains last week. The bilge pump gets rid of the most of the water but can’t pump out the last inch or so.


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