Ten Bob Note


Date: Friday 25th December 2009
Location: Little Venice, London  
Miles today: 0 - Locks today: 0 - Total miles: 155 - Total Locks: - 117  



Happy Christmas to one and all

Not a lot to report. The canals are very quiet. We expected to see a few boats coming out of their marinas for the Xmas holiday period but it doesn’t seem to have happened. - probably due to the cold weather.

Speaking of cold weather, we had snow earlier in the week and night time temperatures well below freezing. We often get asked ‘is it not very cold in the boat’. The answer is no, we live in t-shirts most of the time as the stove puts out a great deal of heat and is lit 24 hours a day through the winter months.

Interesting boat, spot the Ivy !!!!

Interesting Boat

Good name for a French restaurant

Bloody French

Bloody French

Bloody French

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