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Date: Monday 14th December 2009
Location: Little Venice, London  
Miles today: 3 - Locks today: 0 - Total miles: 155 - Total Locks: - 117  



We have now moved down to Little Venice for a while, a bit on the busy side here at the moment, not many free spaces.

We took a walk along to Paddington Basin, our next ‘port of call’ and were very surprised to find at least six free mooring spaces. Very strange, normally, it’s difficult to find a space in the basin.

They say that there is ‘no such thing as a free lunch’. Well, we had a free lunch yesterday in Trafalgar Square. Several groups had got together to highlight the appalling waste of food that takes place every day. They put together enough meals (and lovely they were too) to feed 5000 people. The meals were prepared with vegetables that would have been dumped because Supermarkets reject it for stupid reasons such as being the wrong size or shape. We had fresh fruit, a  plate of vegetable curry served with bread and a delicious fruit smoothie. Some photos below. See http://www.feeding5k.org/

We had our first snow of the winter yesterday. Only half an inch and it didn’t really settle. More snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow.

Paddington Basin - very strange to see so few boats moored here

Paddington Basin

Xmas in London


National Science museum ice rink

Ice Rink

The Rocket steam engine

The Rocket

Feed the 5000 at Trafalgar Square

Feed The 5000

Feed The 5000

Shame about the weather but it didn't stop folk turning up

Feed The 5000

Feed The 5000

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