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Date: Wednesday 4th November 2009
Location: Uxbridge, Middlesex GPS: - N051.56397, W0.48139
Miles today: 4 - Locks today: 3 - Total miles: 119 - Total Locks: - 103 Phone: - Poor (S3), GPRS



Moved up to the water point to top up the tank before turning and heading back south to Uxbridge. As mentioned on a previous page, we have an appointment in Uxbridge tomorrow so needed to return sooner than we normally would have.

A lovely morning with clear blue skies, just the weather for cruising.

The weather is definitely getting colder, -1 deg C is forecast for Saturday night.

I am looking for a new camera as I have dropped my current Canon G9 one time too many (the lens has somehow become scratched and causes flaring under certain lighting conditions). We may pop into London on Friday and have a tour of the camera shops with a view to buying a replacement. The G9 will be a hard act to follow, I have been very pleased with it since buying it almost two years ago. Am thinking of the new G10 or a 50D, not sure which will win……

Look at that sky for early November!!!


A big one


Chrissie and Paul on NB Anjuna

nb Anjuna

Been baking again


Note the stove flu sticking out of the side.....


Harefield marina on the right

Harefield Marina

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