Ten Bob Note



Date: 25th July 2009
Location: Paddington, London GPS: - N051.51830, W0.17395
Miles today: 0  -  Locks today: 0  -  Total miles: 32  -  Total Locks: 15 Phone: - Good (S5), HSDPA




The Paddington Basin security people made a visit to the boat and left a nice little booklet outlining the facilities here in the Paddington area. They also left a letter welcoming us to the basin and reminding us that there is a maximum limit on the time we can stay here (7 days) and that we can’t return here again within two calendar months. We were aware of the 7 day limit but the two months ‘no return’ was new news – not that it matters.

There is a hydraulically operated ‘feature’ bridge here in the basin and I managed to catch some photos of them ‘exercising’ it – see below.

Royal Albert Hall

Albert Hall

Albert's memorial

Albert's back

Albert's memorial


Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens

Peter Pan - Kensington Gardens

Peter pan

Roll up hydraulic bridge in Paddington Basin

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