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Date: 23rd July 2009
Location: Paddington, London GPS: - N051.51830, W0.17395
Miles today: 2  -  Locks today: 0  -  Total miles: 32  -  Total Locks: 15 Phone: - Good (S5), HSDPA




Moved on down to Paddington Basin this morning, stopping at Little Venice on the way past to top up with water.

As is often the case, there were no free mooring spaces at Little Venice with most of the boats being ‘breasted up’.

Found a free spot in Paddington Basin which was a very pleasant surprise as we thought the basin would be full too.

There are lots of boats around this area that never travel much further than they absolutely have to as their owners work in the area. I can understand why they do it but it does make it difficult for visitors to find places to moor for a few days.

Great t-mobile internet reception here, the best we have ever experienced. Good enough for me to fill in and submit my self assessment tax return on-line – a job I never relish much. We are now seeing the benefit of the USB dongle over using the phone's internal 3.5g modem.

We had a neighbor at the Kensal mooring, a youngish guy living in a tent – photo below. He seemed to leave the tent around 11:30 in the morning and return again in the middle of the night. A strange place to pitch a tent….

View from the window - lots of new building work


Bridge at Camden town

Camden Locks

Hampstead Road Lock - at Camden!!!

Hampstead Lock

Hampstead Road Lock - at Camden!!!

Hampstead Road Lock

Floating cafe at Little Venice

Floating Cafe

Green water

Green water

Interesting boat

Interesting Boat

No room at the inn - Little Venice moorings are all taken - as usual

Little Venice

Mural made from rubbish removed from the canal


This was our neighbor during our 3 night stay at Kensal - a guy on his own


Nice boat

Nice boat

Kensal Sainsbury's- right on the canal with 4 hour moorings

Kensal Sainsburry

Note seats on the roof

Seets on roof

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