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Date: 3rd July 2009
Location: N. Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire GPS: N051.63845, W0.44991
Miles today: 1  -  Locks today: 1  -  Total miles: 4  -  Total Locks: 5 Phone: - OK (S4), HSDPA




Time to fill up with water again so moved along to the Watford marina and filled the water tank while topping up with diesel at 63p per litre. Needed 83 litres all in all to top up the tank.

Turned around and headed back down Rickmansworth way as we still need to hover around this area while awaiting the repair of my t-mobile phone.

Talking of t-mobile, the new USB dongle seems to be performing well and is slightly less hassle than the phone was as it doesn’t seem to drop the link as often.

After mooring, we walked into Rickmansworth and picked up some more wine while their 25% off promotion is still running.

There was a real heavy thundery shower in the early hours of this morning, I wonder if it had anything to do with the sinking of the boat that is in one of the photos below?

View from the window

View from the window

Sunken boat, was OK last time we passed it- see:

Sunken Boat 1

Sunken Boat 2

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