Ten Bob Note

Date: 22nd June 2009
Location: N. Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. GPS: - N051.63384, W0.47100
Miles today: 0 -  Locks today:-  Total miles: 1  -  Total Locks: 1 Phone: - OK, gprs

Moved up to North Rickmansworth to do a shop at Tesco and to fill up with water at the services by the bottom of Rickmansworth Lock.

After filling with water, we reversed back to moor opposite Tesco. Stayed two nights opposite Tesco before moving on a bit due to the noise from the Tesco staff during their middle of the night smoking breaks beside the canal. We were spending half the night listening to their conversations about this, that and the other.

We are still hovering around the Watford area while awaiting my mobile phone to be returned from repair. I left it into t-mobile in Watford last week as the battery is only holding it’s charge for less than 24 hours and the phone fairly new.

It's a bit low in the water, in fact, it has sunk !!!

Camouflaged boat

Camouflaged boat

Rickmansworth Tesco - can't get any closer to the canal than this

Rickmansworth Tesco

Rickmansworth Lock - the one on the right is the Grand Union

Spot the trampoline.....


Rickmansworth Aquadrome

St Mary's, Rickmansworth

St Marys Rickmansworth

St Mary's

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