Ten Bob Note

Date: 25th June 2009
Location: N. Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. GPS: - N051.63471, W0.46867
Miles today: 0 -  Locks today:-  Total miles: 1  -  Total Locks: 1 Phone: - Good, 3g

Still hovering around the Rickmansworth area waiting for a call from t-mobile to let us know that my phone has been repaired and is ready for collection. It's no hardship being around this area as there are some lovely walks through the surrounding countryside and around the local lakes.

Went for a lovely walk along the Ebury Way this morning. It's an old disused railway line and passes through some lovely countryside - well worth a visit.

Another very hot day today but heavy rain is forecast for the next few days.

Private moorings up the arm by Rickmansworth Lock

Moorings up the arm by Rickmansworth lock

A big boat.......

Big Boat on the GU

Ebury Way - path between Rickmansworth and Watford - lovely walk


Butterflies on Tesco's wall


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