nb Ten Bob Note

Date: Monday 26th July 2010

Location: Tardebigge, Worcestershire

Miles today: 14 -- Locks today: 0 -- Total miles: 3104  -- Total Locks: 1995

On the move again.

Pulled the pins and headed down the Worcester & Staffs canal on our way to the Severn.

Moored up at the top of the Tardebigge flight as by the time we arrived there, we didn’t fancy starting down the 36 locks just ahead of us, we will keep them all for tomorrow.

Not much boating traffic out and about which is strange as the schools are now off for the summer holidays.

Passed a boat yard advertising diesel at 72p per litre plus duty – a strange way to list the price as normally the duty would be included in the price advertised – needless to stay,we didn’t stop to buy any, even though we could do with a top up.

Current Mooring


Mooring sign near Cadbury's - first time I have ever seen a warning about thieves


Cadbury's Bournville factoryBournville

24 miles and 58 locks to the river Severn for us


Wast Hill tunnel - it took 30 minutes to pass through