Ten Bob Note


Thursday 4th June 2009

Location: Cowley, London, Grand Union Canal

Today: 13 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 2119 miles.  Total locks: 1453

Had the pleasure of doing a ‘big’ shop at Tesco this morning – great fun – not. Shopping is getting more and more difficult every day with all of the ‘special offers’ that when you look into them, they are not so special at all.

There is a dry dock at the Tesco site that they say that they have restored as a historic ‘feature’. Such a shame they couldn’t keep it maintained, it is disgusting – I guess they just don’t make enough profit these days to invest in such things?? Photo below but it doesn’t show all of the weeds etc. growing inside the dry dock.

Pulled the pins around 15:00 and headed on northward, topping up with water at the Tesco water point while passing it.

Moored up at the Cowley 7 day visitor moorings just below Cowley lock as they looked quite attractive while passing them by. Decided not to bother with any locks today after the fun filled morning in Tesco – can only stand so much excitement in one day…..

Current Mooring

Tesco's dry dock 'feature' it's a mess!!!!

A working barge

Nice to be back in the 'green'....

Not far to go now......

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