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Saturday 11th April 2009

Location: Kings Sutton, Northamptonshire, South Oxford Canal

Today: 3 miles, 1 locks. Total distance: 2056 miles.  Total locks: 1387

Have been hanging around Banbury a bit longer than planned while waiting to have a broken tooth seen to then the weather turned a bit on the wet side so waited until it improved.

After a final shop at Morrisons, pulled the pins late morning and moved on to Kings Sutton.

Topped up with water at the Banbury Tramway long term moorings, a resident boater kindly allowed us to use their water point.

Went for a walk across the fields to Kings Sutton, some photos below.

We were passed by nb Bones crewed by Bones herself and Maffi. They stopped for a brief chat before heading on into Banbury. Nice to meet them both.

Current Mooring

Kings Sutton church

List of vicars

Nice cottages

A 'sort of' goat ???

Purple sunset over Banbury last night

Always wondered what this is ?????

Sunday 12th

Another grey and damp start to the day but it cleared up sufficiently around lunch time to head out for a walk to Bodicote – some photos below and GPS track here. All in all, a very pleasant 7 mile round trip taking in the village of Adderbury on the way.

Lots of people out and about walking the country footpaths, burning up their Easter egg calories. Nice to see the footpaths being so well used.

Also, quite a few boats out and about today, hardly any mooring space left along this stretch of Armco.

Bloxham windmill

Bodicote church

Full house here tonight - bow to stern

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