Ten Bob Note


Tuesday 11th November 2008

Location: Radford Semele, Warwickshire, Grand Union Canal

Today: 5 miles, 10 locks. Total distance: 1860 miles.  Total locks: 1281

Walked into the village with the dogs to pick up the papers before moving on. The flooding is even worse than yesterday. It has been a very wet and windy weekend.

Pulled the pins around 08:30 and headed off to Bascot Locks, stopping at the water point on the way to fill up. There were lots of BW people around the lock and they told us that we were lucky as they were just about to shut the lock for 3 hours or so to carry out some maintenance. We were lucky there.

Dropped down through the lock and joined nb Banbury Blue for the journey through the next 8 locks. Lovely people and we enjoyed their company. They have been living on their boat for over three years. The originally intended to just have a two year trip but they are still enjoying it so are still CCing.

The weather forecast for later in the week is not good, more rain to come.

Current Mooring

nb Banbury Blue - nice people

Thanks to the gales over the weekend, now got some logs again

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