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Monday 6th October 2008

Location: Wolfhamcote, Warwickshire, Grand Union Canal

Today: 2 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1791 miles.  Total locks: 1251

We woke up to a frost this morning, first of this winter.

Pulled the pins around 09:00 and popped along to Braunston to dump rubbish and fill up with water etc. Turned west onto the Grand Union and moored up near Wolfhamcote. We had intended mooring up at the Puddle Banks but there was no space left when we passed around 10:00 – the canals are still quite busy with lots of boats out and about. We wanted to be nearer to Braunston so that we can go out for an evening meal at the Old Plough without having to walk the round trip of 4 miles in the dark.

The new watch that I bought only a couple of months ago has decided to play up, it no longer receives the radio time signal. I phoned Casio and they want me to send it back. Weather permitting; we will get the bus into Daventry tomorrow so that I can pick up a cheapo watch to keep me going until this one is repaired.

Was chatting with the butcher in Braunston this morning, he told us that he is no longer going to stock the lovely bread that he has been selling for years. The price has gone up so much that sales have dropped off and it is no longer viable for him to continue stocking and selling it – a great shame.

The weather yesterday was pretty awful, rain, rain and more rain. We walked the 4 mile round trip into Braunston village with the dogs yesterday morning to pick up the papers and got soaked. More rain and wind is forecast for tomorrow.

Tuesday 7th
We caught the 09:45 bus into Daventry - £1.20 one way (they don’t sell return tickets) and only a 10 minute ride. All in all, very good value.

As mentioned above, the watch I bought from Argos 2 months ago stopped receiving the radio time signal around a week ago. I phoned Argos customer services and they gave me the number for Casio and advised me to deal directly with them. I phoned Casio and after trying a few suggested setting changes they came to the conclusion that the watch was indeed faulty and that I should return it to their technical centre for repair. Casio gave me the address of their repair centre and advised me that it would take around 10 working days to repair it.

On arrival in Daventry, we went straight to the post office, bought a jiffy bag and mailed the watch off to Casio. We walked around the corner to Argos where I purchased a cheap (£14) watch to keep me going until the faulty one has been repaired. As I was collecting the new watch, the girl serving me happened to mention that her very first watch was a Casio and that she liked them. I told her that I have had many Casio watches and have been very pleased with them up until the last one and explained the story of the watch I had just returned to Casio. She told me that if I had brought the watch into the Argos store that they would have replaced it straight away as it was only two months old. We walked back to the post office and the lad that had served me kindly retrieved the faulty watch from the mail bag and gave it back to me. I then took the faulty watch back to Argos and they swapped it for a new one and refunded me the money for the cheap watch I had bought as a temporary replacement. Many thanks to the 3 girls in Argos who served us and made our day.

Daventry is a very handy town with just about everything you could wish for. All the times we have been so close and never visited – we will definitely be back. There is a good size Tesco right beside the Daventry bus station – very handy

Current Mooring

First frost of this winter last night - just below zero at 07:00

Braunston Butcher

Braunston Church

Much converted old house

Old Mill

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