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Friday 3rd October 2008

Location: Willoughby, Warwickshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 7 miles, 3 locks. Total distance: 1789 miles.  Total locks: 1251

Woke up to a very cold day, it was only around 10c when we pulled the pins around 08:00. The weather forecast was right – brisk northerly winds but at least it is dry. Personally, I like these cold dry days, I don’t mind dressing up for the cold at all.

Headed up through the Hillmorton double locks and onwards to moor up at Willoughby for a few days.

After mooring up we walked with the dogs into Braunston to pick up the papers and a few odds and ends. It is just under 4 miles round trip from our mooring spot to the shops – a good walk for the dogs.

There have been a lot of boats passing by since we moored up. There are a lot of marinas in this area and I suspect that many of the boats are just popping out for the day to give their engines a bit of a run. The next few weeks should see the traffic dwindle away considerably.

Current Mooring

Badsey's - keep saying this but must try it out one day - they have a great reputation

Hillmorton double locks

View from the window

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