Ten Bob Note


Thursday 2nd October 2008

Location: Rugby, Warwickshire, Oxford Canal

Today: 7 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1782 miles.  Total locks: 1248

Back by popular demand!!

Thanks to all of  the good folk out there that wrote to us with messages of best wishes for the winter months and to inform us that they enjoyed reading the Ten Bob Note diaries and would miss them. We had absolutely no idea that so many people from all over the world were following our travels with such interest. Due to the feedback received, I will endeavor to continue with the diaries for a while longer – although – I must warn you that they may be somewhat repetitive as we will be spending the coming winter months in much the same locations as we did last winter.

Pulled the pins around 08:00 and headed down to Rugby to visit tesco.

We were very pleased to pass nb Gosty Hill (the coal boat) not far from Brinklow. We pulled along side and took on coal and diesel – 6 bags of Stoveglow coal at £6.65 per 25kg bag and 80 litres of diesel at 79p per liter – good prices and delivered right to our door. As I have said before, Iain and Alison are extremely hard workers and deserve every penny they earn. We now have 13 bags of coal on board which hopefully will keep us nice and warm for a while.

When we got arrived at the visitor moorings just north of Tesco, we found that they were all taken so we headed on a bit further and found a spot opposite the small park at Brownsover. Popped into Tesco for a top up shop before continuing south to moor up beside the golf course for the night.

Current Mooring

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