Ten Bob Note


Thursday 18th September 2008

Location: Aston Lock, Staffordshire, Trent and Mersey Canal

Today: 4 miles, 5 locks. Total distance: 1713 miles.  Total locks: 1216

A late start by our standards, we pulled the pins at 09:00. We wanted to arrive at Stone mid/late morning to stand some chance of finding a spot to moor for the night.

Before setting off, we phoned around looking for the best price for diesel in the area as we were getting low. Canal Cruising at Stone was best at 79p per litre. Stone Boatbuilding, two hundred yards away from Canal Cruising were asking 83p per litre – makes you wonder how they can sell the stuff at that price when boaters only have to travel a little way further to save 4p per litre. Filled up with 142 litres which should last us for a little while.

We found a spot to moor just below the bottom lock, a boat was taking off just as we arrived. It’s always very busy around Stone.

Had lunch then walked up the main street and picked up some sausages and bacon at the local butcher. On returning to the boat, we found boats breasting up and the tow path was even busier than it was earlier. We decided we wanted a bit of peace and quiet so pulled the pins and headed off looking for some nice countryside. Just as we were moving off, a boat arrived and was ecstatic to be able to jump into the spot we had just vacated.

We travelled on for another couple of miles and found a lovely peaceful mooring spot about half a mile south of Aston Lock. Towns are not for us.

Current Mooring

First mooring at Stone - too busy so moved out into the country

Dinky little boat

Another new marina going to be built

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