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Wednesday 10th September 2008

Location: Lyme Green, Cheshire, Macclesford Canal

Today: 11 miles, 0 locks. Total distance: 1681 miles.  Total locks: 1188

Well, the weather forecast was right, there was a lot of rain yesterday so we stayed put.

Pulled the pins at 07:30 this morning and headed on southward. Stopped off at Lord Vernon’s Wharf to top up with water.

We had intended to moor at the visitor’s moorings just south of bridge 45 near Lyme Green but when we pulled in, we heard all of the noise from the factories on the other side of the hedge and decided to move on a bit. The next place that we were able to get into the side was just south of bridge 47 so we are moored here for the night (or longer if the weather forecast is right about more rain tomorrow). The guide books are right when they say that this canal is shallow, we attempted to moor about 6 times but couldn’t get any where near the side.

It has been a nice day today, only one short shower this morning. It was cold when we set off, only 9 degrees, time to dig out the hats and gloves!!

Current Mooring


Don't think the design will catch on

Tiny boat

Lovely countryside, ugly pylons

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