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Monday 30th June 2008

Location: Radford Semele, Warwickshire, Grand Union Canal

Today: 5 miles, 10 locks. Total distance: 1480 miles.  Total locks: 1031

Just spent a lovely four days at Long Itchington, relaxing and seeing to a few odd jobs around the boat.

Up early this morning and into the village with the dogs to pick up the papers from the Co-Op just as it opened at 07:00.

Pulled the pins at 07:45 and on westward. Stopped to top up the water tank by bridge 27. Talking of water, there has been a problem with the water in the Northamptonshire area since last Thursday. Apparently the story has been on the news and in the papers. The water supply has been contaminated with some form of parasite and needs to be boiled before drinking. We topped up the tank in Braunston last Thursday morning just before we left and Braunston is one of the areas affected. Checking on the web, it appears that the incubation period for the parasite is between two and five days. Five days is up tomorrow and so far we have note experienced any problems – we have been drinking the water without boiling since last Thursday – looks like we have been lucky ??

Passed through some lovely countryside again today and the locks have al been in excellent condition. Looks like BW must spend a fair proportion of their maintenance budget on the Grand Union canal.

One close shave we did have today was above lock 21. The water level was a good foot lower than it should be and we were scraping the bottom in places. We suspected paddles had been left open at the lock ahead. When we got to the lock we found one of the bottom paddles in the almost fully up position and the top gate leaking quite badly. That explained the lack of water in the pound. BW had been informed as they had tied a notice to the damaged paddle and their engineers were running around trying to dump water from the lower pound. Since we have moored up (two hours ago), no other boats have come down so it looks like we must have been the last ones through. No doubt there will be a big rush once the lock is fixed and the pound filed up with water again.

Our next set of locks, apart from two in Warwick, will be the Hatton Flight of 21 double locks. We will probably aim to get to the bottom early in the morning and plod our way up at leisure.

Have been looking into licenses for the river Avon. It looks like a through license valid for 15 days costs £50. Info at: http://www.shakespearesavon.co.uk. When we get to Stratford-on-Avon, we may buy a license and head down the Avon to the Severn rather than turn back on ourselves and re-trace our journey back up the Stratford canal. Decisions decisions!! Much will depend on the weather forecast as we will not be going anywhere near a river if rain is forecast!!!

Current Mooring

Lovely countryside

Low water level - about a foot below normal and dropping

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