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Sunday 1st June 2008

Location: Oxford, Oxfordshire, Oxford canal

Today: 22 miles, 7 locks. Total distance: 1415 miles.  Total locks: 971

Up at 05:30 and pulled the pins at 06:30. Finally got off the river and moored up in Oxford at 17:00 – a long day at the tiller (well, by our standards it is).

Had fun avoiding all of the canoes, punts, little sailing boats, trip boats etc. in Oxford. Still, it is nice to see the river well used and enjoyed.

It started raining quite heavily not long after we set off this morning and we thought to ourselves ‘here we go again – back to red boards’. Luckily it stopped after about an hour and the sun came out – sort of.

It’s nice to be back on the canal again, the rivers (weather) can be very unpredictable at any time of year.

Our two day license for the river expired on the 29th. We phoned the Environment Agency and were informed that we would have to buy a further licence to cover all of our time on the river but that we could send the license to them after we left the river and they would refund us for the days that the river was on red. We were expecting to get stopped by a lock keeper and asked to buy a license as the one we had on display in the window was clearly out of date. No one challenged us so we didn’t bother buying one. EA is not out of pocket and it saves us all of the hassle of having to mess about sending a license off and claiming a refund.

We passed the holiday boats Snipe and Taurus - no sign of life but it was only 07:00 - photo below.

3rd June - 14:00

Had a bit of a wander around Oxford yesterday and did a little bit of shoping.

It has rained solid since around 01:00 this morning – the type of good heavy rain that causes the rivers to flood. It is now 14:00 and the rain is just starting to ease off.
We had intended to leave Oxford and head north up the Oxford Canal today but there was no way we were going to move in the heavy rain. About the only boat traffic we have seen passing our mooring are boats getting off the river Thames – a wise move as I suspect it will be back on red boards before the day is out.

Just north of Thrupp the canal becomes part of the river Cherwell for a stretch of around one mile. After all of this rain I suspect it that the Cherwell will be in flood and we will get stuck at Thrupp for a while. We will phone BW before we move off in the morning to check out the state of the Cherwell, if it is in flood, we would rather be stuck here in Oxford rather than up in Thrupp so we may remain here – at least there are shops here, there is nothing much in Thrupp.

Current Mooring

Hotel boats Taurus and Snipe

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