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Friday 18th April 2008

Location: Devizes, Wiltshire, Kennet & Avon Canal

Today: 2 miles, 22 locks. Total distance: 1327 miles.  Total locks: 904

Pulled the pins at 08:00 as soon as the lock keeper unlocked the bottom lock and started up through the locks with another boat that had asked to join us (we were more than happy to have their company). We exited the top lock two hour and ten minutes later which is quite good going.

We continued on up through the last 6 locks and moored up at the Devizes visitor’s moorings for the night. All in all, a pleasant day as the weather remained dry and the company of the crew on the other boat was good.

My sister and brother-in-law popped over to see us in the afternoon. A coat I had ordered off the web plus the new boat license had arrived and they kindly brought them over to us.

Saturday 19th
We are well pleased that we pushed on a bit on Thursday and Friday to get up through all of the locks before the weekend. We woke up to a cold and wet day, not the sort of weather you want for operating loads of locks.

Wednesday 23rd

Moved to Devizes marina this morning and picked up the hire car. First time behind a wheel since last July but very soon got used to it again.

We had just moored up (around 10:45), connected the electric and water and started to tidy up when a guy on the boat next door but one walked past with his dog. Our two Jack Russell’s started barking as they do when they see another dog passing the boat, The guy instantly became threatening saying that he would be going to bed shortly and that if he heard the dogs bark again he would personally come around and shut them up. He was not just verbal, he was also indicating that he would get physical. Needless to say we were none to pleased at this unnecessary behaviour. I spoke to Gail, the lady that has been helping us out with a mooring spot and she suggested that we call the police. We got the impression that this is not the first time that he has displayed such behaviour. I was so tempted to call the police and report the incident but as I was being picked up at 12:00 by the car hire company, it all became too much of a logistical timing problem. Gail kindly offered us another mooring spot away from Mr Nasty and we promptly moved the boat. The thing that gets me most is that he can get away with such behaviour – although – I suspect that when the time comes around for his mooring to be renewed, he may find himself having to look elsewhere.

Off down to Cornwall tomorrow to help with a house move. Expect to be there for around 3 weeks. I suspect it will seem strange living in a house again ??

Current Mooring

Caen Hill

Caen Hill


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